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Rural areas are changing rapidly. Due to global developments, there is an renewed focus on foodproduction. In addition, the market for biofuels in strongly developing. At the same time, society values an attractive countryside: agrarian landscapes with high biodiversity, heritage and amenity values. This multifunctionality is increasingly embedded in international agreements and in EU and national policies. Agriculture is increasingly willing to deliver a broad range of public services, on the condition of an attractive market. However, the development and design of public and private markets appears to be a complex topic. More and more often, farmers and conservationists cooperate in providing an attractive countryside.     

Realising a sustainable production in an attractive environment requires new strategies, on farm level and policy level. On farm level, new knowledge is required to be well-equipped for the broadening demand for products and services. On policy level, new knowledge is needed to develop attractive public and private markets and to introduce adequate instruments for diversification and innovation. A new challenge is the 'tailoring' of European and national policies to local andregional situations - in interaction with the regional parties involved. All this requires the development, compilation and/or translation of knowledge and skills. In addition, process skills are needed for a fruitful cooperation between regional partners and for interactive policy-making.         

Paul Terwan research & consultancy is an independent one-man business, specialised in research, advice and mediation on the edge ofagriculture, rural environment and water. It has a long-lasting experience with Dutch and European projects including:

  • field and policy research in the field of agri-environment;
  • production of information / extension materials (leaflets etc.);
  • policy advice;
  • initiating and guiding cooperation between (regional) parties.
The bureau can also provide photographic services for the projects involved.

Over the years, a broad range of organisations have been commissioning work, including:

  • governments (ministries, provinces, municipalities, water boards);
  • farmers organisations and farmers cooperatives for nature conservation;
  • environmental NGOs. 

In addition, Paul Terwan often works as a sub-contractor for other (Dutch and international) consultancies.

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